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Sorry this is not a good replacement for Fliqlo.

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Fliqlo has style. I wish the developer would update it for Mt. Messed up my hot corners and 4 finger swipes with trackpad. Everything went back to normal when I deleted it.. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Rob says: November 28, at Dan says: Matthew says: Vasek says: November 28, at 1: Super lame. Love it but when I lock my phone it reverts to my other screen saver — how can I have it on the screen with a locked phone? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Flip Clock Screensaver: Fliqlo Feb 14, - 40 Comments. Enter your email address below: Posted by: February 14, at Parakeet says: Joe says: February 3, at 1: February 4, at 9: February 11, at 9: March 12, at Carson says: DD says: Robert says: February 15, at DeputyRob says: February 14, at 1: The Lorax says: Browse the Web in 8-Bit Glory with Pixelfari says: February 17, at 4: March 5, at Mac Setups: MacBook with Dual Screens says: March 12, at 8: David says: March 13, at 6: Katina Hoffine says: March 16, at April 2, at 5: August 1, at 9: September 10, at 9: That must be what killed any screensaver using flash.

how to get flip clock screensaver (for mac and windows)

My Screensaver also randomly started showing a white screen, has been fine for at least years! I've had this screen saver for years and absolutely loved it. I wake up this morning to find that the screen saver doesn't show a clock anymore I restarted the computer and it didn't help. Uninstalled fliqlo and reinstalled and no luck.

Minimalist clock screen savers for Mac

Even downloaded the newest version and it still just shows a white screen. Not happy right now. That won't work because this is a screensaver, not a wallpaper. See our help article Screensavers and wallpaper: I tried downloading this screensaver but it says my mac doesn't support this version and to contact the supplier..

This download should support Mac OS X If you have an older version of the operating system, please try searching for an older version of the screensaver, e. Fliqlo 1. Very simple and useful. I love it. One thing It is a bit too bright at night for me. It would be nice if it had brightness control. I adjust the size to small to make it less bright. Few more options would be amazing. Multiple Monitors can each have own clock size etc. Have a question or problem?

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Message board Is your question not listed? Anti-virus report for Fliqlo Flip Clock Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners. Virus scanner Fliqlo Setup. Is good. I love this screen saver as it is cool and used in apple which makes it look more cool. Best screen saver I have ever got on the internet. Best clock screensaver - not battery draining: Simple and nice looking screen saver.

Running on a few Windows 10 computers. Great screensaver. But after an update i was unable to show 24h time. Too bad! Very useful. Be aware, this screensaver tries to connect to the internet. Mine only works when my laptop is charging or plugged in Is this normal? I can't make it apear on my screen saver because it says I can only use them if they are downloaded in app store Screensavers Planet: Can i use it on iPhone locked screen or i must run app everytime?

Fliqlo Flip Clock

We've used this screen saver for years Does anyone have a fix? I'm also getting the white screen today. Stopped working out of the blue. Anyone figure out why?

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Seems OK so far. Installed easy enough. Is this only good for ipad and iphone?

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I wanted to use for my MacBook Pro. YAY love it! Very relaxing. Please share your opinion about this screensaver in a user review. How would you rate this screensaver? Clocks , Cool. Artecnica Clock x Free, for Windows, Mac. Popular screensavers 1.